Concrete strength

monitoring system


Monitor concrete strength in real-time

Know your concrete strength anytime, anywhere

CoSMoS is a tool that monitor in real-time on site concrete strength, remotely and from any device with internet access. CoSMoS allows to reduce costs, time and carbon emissions, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Know in real time both the current status and the historical evolution in 30-minute intervals of your concrete pourings. 

CoSMoS system is made up of sensors and transmission devices, which automatically collect all the data from inside the concrete. These are processed on our servers showing the evolution of your concrete resistance by accessing our application from any device.

Cosmos, a unified system

Evolve To Construction 4.0

  • More efficient, faster, and safer constructions
  • Better process planning and profit increase
  • Get to know our regulations and recommendations for use

Access to Construction 4.0


Reduce costs, times and the sales cycle, anticipating the launch of your product on the market.


Reduce costs by avoiding downtime and accidents, and improve your project planning.

Project Management

Access real-time data about your structures and verify the evolution of concrete strength.

Concrete Manufacturers

Compare your maturity curves with real data from your customers and optimize your concrete mixes.

Building Controls

Easily obtain historical data about the strength of poured concrete against other processes.

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