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The CTM: CoSMoS Transmission Module is the part of the system in charge of receive the data from the sensors and transmitted to the gateway.  Each CTM will send the information in intervals of 30 minutes. 


Our CTMs obtains the parameters and according to the calibration models determine the concrete strength evolution of the mixture poured on site regardless of its field of use:


  • Construction work (walls, slabs, floors, etc.)
  • Civil Works (tunnels, bridges, dams, etc.)
  • Special Work (exposed concrete, mass, etc.)

The Sensor

The sensors are the part of the CoSMoS™ system located inside the concrete, preferably fixed in the reinforcement. The sensors perform the measurement of the variables and parameters necessary to offer the concrete strength in real-time. Each sensor has a copper gauge, cable and CTM connector.


Our sensors are the disposable part of our system because they are lost inside the structure when the measurement is finished, taking this into account, they have been designed with a minimum size that facilitates their installation.

Digitalización de la construcción

Cosmos Transmission Module:

A Look into the Hardware


The Gateway

The gateway is the device in charge of receiving the information transmitted by the different CTM devices located at the site via its own network, and it will send to our CoSMoS servers for processing and presentation.


The data is sent to the internet via a mobile network (4G) and can be configured to connect to your own work wifi network. The gateways also feature a GPS antenna that allows you to determine the exact location of projects to improve the quality of predictions based on reports.

Our CTMs are offered with LoRa connectivity, allowing our customers to enjoy their private network on-site.
This network is deployed by the CoSMoS team through the gateways installed on the construction site. 
CoSMoS help construction companies to reduce significantly project time, improving project planning.
app cosmos

Cosmos App

Thanks to monitor in real-time the concrete strength, the work cycles and the quantities of material are reduced to a minimum because we know the exact moment in which the mixture reaches its strength so that formwork removal is possible.
Directly from the CoSMoS™ platform, you will have all the data in real-time and directly from the worksite without having to wait for the breakage tests of concrete specimens.
Join the construction revolution to monitor the concrete strength evolution of the pourings of your projects anywhere and at anytime.
resistencia del hormigón

Concrete Strength Achieved

Using our app, we can observe the megapascals (MPa) reached so far, namely the current strength of the poured concrete. Depending on if the text reads ‘Specifications reached’ or not, it will allow you to know if your required resistance has been reached.

Concrete strength in real-time and more...

Historical Graph

This graph records the evolution of concrete temperature from the moment of its pouring, in red, and the resistance it has acquired over time, in blue. Passing over the graph, depending on the graph, a box with more precise information will appear indicating temperature or strength and the exact moment in which it occurred.

Grafico temperatura CoSMoS

Predictive Graph

In this graph we will observe the concrete strength so far achieved, in blue color, and the estimated resistance expected to obtained. Passing the cursor over the red curve, depending on the device, a box will appear with the date and time in which the estimate of the concrete strength will appear at that particular moment.

Grafica predictiva cosmos