CoSMoS Engineering


CoSMoS is proud to be a part of these new developments.

247 SSH building



247 SSH ( State Subsidised Housing) households in Sevilla. Four blocks that intersect at different heights make up the proposal for the 247 homes, including 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes.

Benidorm Beach


Benidorm Beach is a residential tower with 36 floors,  a total of 126 meters high. A superb glass tower that stands facing the sea, with 196 homes with large terraces with views. It will also have the highest residential swimming pool in Spain , on the 26th floor , 80 meters from the ground.

AQ Urban Sky - Torres Martiricos


Torres Martiricos tallest towers in Malaga. 

Two 30-floor skyscrapers. South tower has 252 homes and a ‘Y’ shape While the north tower have a T-shaped floor plan with 198 rental homes and a hotel complex that will occupy from the first to the thirteenth floor. 

Soto de Cañaveral


Habitat Soto del Canaveral is a fantastic 7-floor residential complex consisting of 108 two and three bedroom homes , with ample spaces designed with people in their prospective lifestyles in mind. 

Amura Tower

A Coruna 

Amura Tower is a 16-floor housing development in A Coruña with one to three bedrooms and a beautiful design. This development has private common areas, with gardens as well as a children’s play area. 

20 Dwellings and garages building

Ordizia San Juan

A small residency building with 20 dwellings located at Ordizia de San Juan at north of Spain.

Wind turbine footing

Acampo Sancho Eolic Park

Monitorization of the temperature of a wind turbine footing in Acampo Sancho Eolic Park

"The concrete monitoring through IoT and Artificial Intelligence is increasing as a great application for developers and construction companies."
Ruben Sancho
Country Manager